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What can i do to increase my chances of staging a successful intervention?

Following the direction of a hired professional. Ravenswood has 10+ years of staging successful interventions across North America and transporting clients to treatment centres around the world.

What happens if the addict refuses help?

The intervention isn’t over. Ravenswood Consulting will work with the client and family until the person gets help. The intervention is about the family, too. The focus will go on the family and the family getting well. Intervening on a family member’s addiction takes love and courage–we aim to help build up family members and support them through this difficult process. The first step is reach out for help and support.

Why do you think that some interventions are more successful than others?

There are several factors that influence a successful or unsuccessful interventions. By consulting with your interventionist we will review and choose a model that best suits your family and loved one. Hiring a qualified interventionist ensures objectivity for the best possible outcome, the ability to disseminate knowledge on addiction and trauma in the family system, guided and caring strategies for moving forward and learning to live in recovery.

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