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MARCH, 2019

From Trauma to Recovery, Geri Bemister Uses her Life’s Journey to Teach Others

by | Mar 24, 2019 | All Posts, Geri Bemister, News

Geri Bemister is this year’s recipient of the Courage to Come Back Award

Geri Bemister is the 2019 Courage To Come Back recipient in the addictions category

The windmill pitch is one of the more difficult movements in sport to pull off with any kind of effectiveness. To the untrained eye, the pitcher’s movements are fluid and fierce, masking the series of components that work in tandem with one another. If one part of the pitch’s mechanics is askew or neglected, it can throw everything else off.

It was a pitch Geri Bemister mastered as a teenager.

Growing up in Langford outside of Victoria, she practised windmill pitches with her father 100 times a day, every day. She was a star pitcher on her fastball team, which competed regularly in the provincial championships. She even trained with the national team.

Fastball was her sport among several she excelled at. It was also her refuge. It was where she could turn off her brain for a few hours and exist in the moment, away from racket, away from the anger, away from the trauma of being sexually abused from the age of five to 13 by trusted relatives.

“Softball gave me enough dopamine, enough stimuli, enough of a rush to kill the feelings,” says Bemister. “And I was good enough at it that I could be a star, which provided me with a sense of belonging. It gave me what I didn’t form normally. With the abuse, it didn’t give me the ability to form healthy self-esteem, healthy trust in the world. Your decision gets a little skewed, and I think baseball was my attempt to normalize my life.”

But there was nothing normal about Bemister’s life. In addition to doing LSD every weekend, regularly smoking pot and drinking to excess, she lost touch with her old friends and found new ones who shared her appetite for an array of drugs and increasing criminality.

To read the full article written by Michael Kissinger please head over to the Vancouver Courier website From trauma to recovery, Geri Bemister uses her life’s journey to teach others.