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Ravenswood Consulting is a privately owned entity in which our primary focus is providing assistance to those who suffer from addictions move into healing and recovery.

Intervention Services

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At Ravenswood we believe in order for the client to receive the most mindful therapeutic recovery, that the best approach encompasses providing the family with education on the disease of addiction, and an understanding of what their family member will experience during the lifelong process of recovery. Our intervention services include a one-time family education program session with Ms. Bemister. If the family would like to receive further sessions please notify Ravenswood Consulting for scheduling and fees.

Individual Counselling

Ravenswood’s services are available to individuals living with anxiety, stress, grief, loss, trauma, abuse, anger, and depression as linked to alcoholism and drug addiction. Contingent upon each individual situation, we may offer services in helping early recover from drug and alcohol addiction such as stabilization and various forms of detox, transportation services, prevention through therapeutic discussion, daily planners in reintegration following treatment. Further information may be acquired upon consultation sessions with your counselor, Ms. Bemister.

Couples Counselling

We understand that those closest to individuals who suffer from the disease of addiction also suffer with the pain of watching a loved one live in constant pain. It is our objective to listen, respect, understand, and foster an environment where both parties feel safe and loved enough to evolve and nurture the relationship. Ms. Bemister focuses on normalizing the feelings through objective participation. We address enabling and empowering each party to recognize their feelings are valued and respected, hearing both individual’s issues and design a framework for change, identifying pattern problematic behaviours and creating strategies for the couple to utilize in moving forward. Mr. Bemister offers methods for empowering both parties in order make a space for healthy decision-making, mechanisms for ongoing removal co-dependency and self-will as presented through control and hurtful behaviour, and avenues toward healthy communication and paradigm shifts in the relationship. Our couples counselling fosters a safe environment in which the paradigm shift can begin.

Family Sessions/Therapy

All individuals who suffer from drug and alcohol-related addictions have families. These families carry the pain and anguish of their loved one, and often, providing care for their loved one living in addiction takes president over the family’s self-care as individuals and as a whole unit. Family relationships are deeply important contributing agents in psychological, emotion, physical, and spiritual health and wellness. Ravenswood creates a safe space in which the family can actively participate in therapeutic sessions together. Here we cross the threshold of being enabling caretakers and become caregivers. Ravenswood recognizes that traditional family units and family roles are not necessarily relative in our contemporary and conceptual understanding of family today. Ms. Bemister encourages a family unit to practice supportive dynamics that create homes of knowledge-sharing, healing, respect, trust, safety, and the well-being of each member.

From Our Founder

Addiction is a Spiritual Sickness

Making the conscious decision to sober up and face your past is one of the bravest things a person can do—especially as an addict or alcoholic with a lifetime of untreated trauma. Some of the most wonderful people I’ve ever known are addicts and alcoholics in recovery. The willingness to accept recovery and find a new way to live a healthy life is a gift in itself. Addiction is a spiritual sickness, and the solution to that sickness is also spiritual.

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