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Why Choose Ravenswood Consulting?

At Ravenswood Consulting we understand the process of living with trauma and addictions. We are here to help you and your loved ones learn to live a life of balance and clarity


Our drug and alcohol specialist, Geri Bemister, values the client’s feelings and perspective. She provides empathetic and knowledgeable feedback and insight for the client’s well-being, which is crucial for a healthy recovery


Ravenswood Consulting services have been achieved by our personnel through years of academia, field work including interventions, life experience and spiritual training. Our level of discernment speaks through our work and a life of service, unity, and recovery


We are familiar with the struggles and isolation that accompany trauma and addictions, and at Ravenswood our primary objective is to utilize our abilities to help those in need. Suffering isn’t necessary. Recovery is your choice.


“I would recommend anyone seeking counselling for themselves or a loved one to speak to Ms. Bemister, as her intervention and recovery coaching skills have assisted innumerable people in finding a better way to live and achieve their best selves.”

Leah J. Isherwood, Neurology and Mental Health Research, Hotchkiss Brain Institute

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